{Interview} Im Gespräch mit Kim Holden

Ihr Lieben,

morgen erscheint ein Buch, das mich wahnsinnig berührt hat. Ich möchte nicht zuviel verraten, denn meine Rezension folgt natürlich. Es geht um „Bright Side. Ein Moment für immer“ von Kim Holden.

Da die sehr sympathische Autorin bei uns leider noch (ich denke, das wird sich sehr schnell ändern) unbekannt ist, habe ich ein kurzes Interview mit ihr geführt, um sie euch besser vorzustellen und euch neugierig auf die Geschichte zu machen.


Kim, please introduce yourself to the German readers.

Hey there! I’m Kim. I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband and son who I adore because they make my life complete and a lot more fun. I’m a pretty simple person: I love good people, good music, and good books – in that order. :)

Any crazy facts about you or any obsessions we should know about?
It feels like I have a new obsession every week and it usually centers around music because that’s my addiction. This week I’m obsessed with Nothing But Thieves because we’re going to see them play live again next week and I’m listening to them 24/7 to prep properly. I’m also obsessed with tacos (grilled fish are my favorite at the moment, but I’m not too picky as long as they’re in a soft corn tortilla), coffee scented lip balm (I own about fifteen tubes, it’s a problem at this point), Game of Thrones (#TeamJonSnow), Stranger Things (Eleven is a badass), and romance books (I’m reading Maybe Now by Colleen Hoover on WattPad, Ridge makes me swoon).

 „Bright Side“ was published in 2014 and we (in Germany) had to wait for 4 long years to have this book translated. Would you say that this story is your most remarkable one? How present is Katie’s story in your head?
Bright side is definitely my most popular book with readers. When I wrote the book I truly didn’t think anyone would read it, so the fact that it’s touched so many people worldwide, who’ve reached out to me to share their kind words, is surreal and so unbelievably beautiful. I am so thankful and beyond lucky. Kate Sedgwick will forever be my hero and the woman I want to be when I grow up.

If you should describe „Bright Side“ in only three words…:

Gus or Keller? And why?
I love Keller, I really do, but I’m a Gus girl all the way. Gus is 110% my fantasy dude – his talent; his looks; his kind heart; his sense of humor; his loyalty; his humble, caring, and giving attitude. He’s the whole package for me.

I have to admit, that I cried a lot. Especially over the last 60 pages. How did you feel while writing these scenes?
First, I’m so sorry about the tears. I always feel bad when someone tells me they cried reading it. Hopefully the positive message in the end outweighed the heartbreak. Writing the final few chapters was hard. I didn’t cry but for the week I was writing them I felt sick to my stomach and I was such a grouch to be around. It truly felt like I was rieving someone I loved deeply. It was a very visceral experience, very raw.

How do you put yourself into a specific mood to write romantic or sad scenes?
Music inspires me like nothing else. I listen to music and have an ever-evolving playlist specific to each book I write. Those are the songs I listen to when I’m writing, but especially when I’m not writing because that’s when I’m thinking about what comes next. Specific songs drive the emotion in the book and in some cases have inspired chapters or scenes. I couldn’t write without music.

Did you know from the first idea in your mind, how the story should end?
No, I had no idea how the book was going to end until I was about halfway through writing it. I don’t generally outline my books, I usually have an idea for a character and the book develops from that as I write. When I started Bright Side I just knew I wanted to write a story about the most positive woman I could imagine. (And that she would have a best friend who looked like Chris Hemsworth as Thor who called her Bright Side.) That’s it.

Which message do you want us to take from this book?
The final three words of the book – „You are brave.“ Because you are.

What can we expect from Gus‘ story? (It’s going to be published in  Germany this summer. Yay!)
Healing. I love the dude and couldn’t let him suffer. Gus needed and deserved a happily ever after.

Do you read reviews from magazins and / or bloggers?
Many bloggers will tag me in their reviews on social media and I love reading them. Bloggers are angels, I’m so grateful for the time they put into reading books and sharing them with other readers.

„Bright Side“ has an amazing rating on Goodreads. What does reader’s feedback mean to you? How to deal with negative reviews or critic?
There are a million great books out there waiting to be read, so the fact that people choose mine and take the time to read it and feel moved enough to write a heartfelt review is such a gift. I’m honored and humbled daily, it never ceases to surprise me. And as far as negative reviews, I honestly don’t read them. Writing is art, it’s subjective. I know there are people who will read my work and hate it and that’s okay. But in life, I choose to focus on the positive, so I leave the negative alone.

Do you have plans to visit Germany soon?
I don’t have any plans to visit Germany at this time, but I would love to. Traveling to your beautiful country is on my family’s bucket list. Fingers crossed it’s soon.

You have the last words:
Thank you! I wish I could say it a million times because I am so, so thankful every day that I get to chase this dream and make friends along the way. Making new friends from all over the world is my favorite part about writing books. Find me on social media and we’ll chat – don’t be shy. Sending love and big hugs to you all.

Kim, thank you very much for this interview. And fingers crossed, that Katie, Gus and Keller will find a lot of new friends in Germany. :)


Ich hoffe, ihr seid neugierig auf das Buch!
Es erscheint bei Bastei Entertainment, das heißt, es wird nur als Ebook erhältlich sein. >>Hier<< gelangt ihr zur Verlagsseite. Natürlich könnt ihr das Buch bei jedem Anbieter eurer Wahl finden.



2 Gedanken zu “{Interview} Im Gespräch mit Kim Holden

  1. Ricarda

    Hallo Sabrina,
    Das Interview ist wirklich toll geworden :)
    Ich hatte das Buch – Dank dir – schon vorher auf dem Schirm und bin wirklich gespannt drauf!

    Viele liebe Grüße


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